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May 23, 2015 / Nat Anacostia

A comment on Harper’s ejection by Marvin Hudson

I know I’m late to this discussion. I’m in the camp that Bryce Harper, Matt Williams, and umpire Marvin Hudson all shared in the blame. Since I don’t know what Harper said to Hudson, I don’t know whether he deserved his ejection.

I did want to make one point about Hudson’s actions that I’m not sure I’ve seen in other commentary. I think that MLB ought to instruct umpires never to stop a game to talk to, or argue with a manager or coach in the dugout about what he’s saying. It’s ok to stop the game to toss the manager if he’s crossed the line, but if you’re just irritated with the chirping that’s coming from the dugout, wait until the end of the inning, then go over to the dugout and warn them, explain your call, or say whatever needs to be said. Forty thousand people have paid to attend the game, plus thousands more are watching on television. Nothing that’s being said in the dugout can’t wait until the inning break to be resolved.

To me, this seems like simple respect for the fans who are paying the bill. Furthermore, in a situation like Wednesday night’s game, waiting will give everyone a chance to cool off and hopefully avoid an unnecessary confrontation and ejection.

How about it?

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